Design and performance of turbo space-time coded modulation

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In this paper we introduce a new scheme for parallel concatenated turbo space-time coding. We refer to turbo space-time coded modulation (turbo-STCM). Turbo-STCM use systematic space-time codes as constituent codes. Puncturing is used to obtain full rate codes. The new codes combine the high coding gain of turbo-codes with the spatial diversity advantage of space-time processing and the bandwidth efficiency of coded modulation under a single framework. Using simple STCM component encoders, performance is studied by simulations for a 4-PSK turbo-STCM code with two transmit and two receive antenna over a block fading channel. Significant gains are shown over conventional space-time coding. We also derive the union bound for 2 bps/Hz, 4-PSK turbo-STCM with two transmit and one receive antenna over the AWGN channel. The analysis provides a practical tool to analyze the performance of turbo codes with multiple antennas.

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StatePublished - 2000

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