G. E. Georgiou, J. M. Brown, M. L. Green, R. Liu, D. S. Williams, R. S. Blewer

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We report on the onset of reverse bias diode leakage induced by CVD selective tungsten deposition on (a) shallow n** plus (As)/p diodes made by implantation into silicon and (b) n** plus (As or P)/p or p** plus (BF//2)/n diodes made by implantation into CoSi//2. Tungsten, nominally 1000 Armstrom thick, was selectively deposited in a hot wall tubular reactor using either a one-step or a two-step deposition sequence at 290 degree C. The n** plus (As)/p junctions show an increase in leakage population after tungsten deposition, as the junction depth decreases. The two-step process was found to produce greater leakage in shallow n** plus (As)/p junctions than the one-step process. Arsenic implanted junctions show severe degradation in the leakage distribution of shallow diodes beneath CoSi//2. In contrast to arsenic, shallow junctions made by outdiffusion of phosphorus or boron implanted into CoSi//2 do not show significant changes in leakage population after selective tungsten deposition. Junction leakage measurements, and their temperature dependence, will be correlated with transmission electron micrographs.

Original languageEnglish (US)
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EditorsEliot K. Broadbent
PublisherMaterials Research Soc
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ISBN (Print)0931837669
StatePublished - 1987
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