Measurements of filament height in Hα and EUV 304 Å

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In this study, we present the three-dimensional (3D) configuration of a filament observed by STEREO and the Global High Resolution H-alpha Network (GHN) in EUV 304 Å and Hα line center, respectively. This was the largest filament located close to the active region NOAA 10956 that produced a small B9. 6 flare and two Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) on 19 May 2007. The 3D coordinates of multiple points traced along this filament were reconstructed by triangulation from two different aspect angles. The two STEREO (A and B) spacecraft had a separation angle α of 8.6 degree on 19 May 2007. The "true" heights of the filament were estimated using STEREO images in EUV 304 and Hα images, respectively. Our results show that EUV emission of the filament originates from higher locations than the Hα emission. We also compare the measured reconstructed heights of the filaments in EUV with those reported in previous studies.

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JournalSolar Physics
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StatePublished - 2010

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