Media access control and resource allocation in EPON and 10G-EPON

Nirwan Ansari, Jingjing Zhang

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IEEE802.3ah standardized the MultiPoint Control Protocol (MPCP) as the MAC layer control protocol for EPON [138], and IEEE802.3av specified MAC layer protocols for 10G EPON. For the MAC layer and layers above, in order to achieve backward compatibility such that network operators are encouraged to upgrade their services, 10G-EPON keeps the EPON frame format, MAC layer, MAC control layer, and all the layers above almost unchanged from 1G-EPON [104, 131]. This further implies that similar network management system (NMS), PON-layer operations, administrations, and maintenance (OAM) system, and dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA) used in EPON can be applied to 10G-EPON as well.

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