New approaches in postmortem interval (PMI) estimation

Sara C. Zapico, Joe Adserias Garriga

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Establishing the interval between the time of death and when a bodyis found is one of the most complex questions to be answered by forensicscientists. Postmortem interval (PMI) estimation is absolutely crucial inforensic science for the reconstruction of perimortem events, leading topossible criminal and civil repercussions. In order to estimate accuratelythe time since death, it is essential to have adequate knowledge indecomposition process and the impact of the different environmentalconditions in that process.The postmortem changes useful for estimating time since death spanfrom different processes: physical (like body cooling and hypostasis);metabolic (supravital reactions); physic-chemical (rigor mortis); bacterial(putrefaction); autolysis (loss of selective membrane permeability,diffusion) and insect activity.

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Title of host publicationForensic Science
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StatePublished - Jan 1 2015
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