Spatial patterns of high-frequency oscillations in the rat cerebellar cortex

Gokhan Ordek, Mesut Sahin

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Rhythmic signals in the brain have always intrigued neuroscientists and the cerebellum is not an exception. Cerebellar high-frequency oscillations have been explored over many decades, but underlying mechanisms have remained unclear. In this study, we have recorded spontaneous and evoked potentials from the cerebellar surface with chronically implanted, multi-electrode arrays. Evoked and spontaneous signals during behavior showed highly synchronized oscillations at ~150 Hz. Furthermore, this rhythmic activity displayed directional preference on the cerebellar surface. This preliminary study demonstrates the presence of highly synchronized cerebellar oscillations in high-frequency band that emerge episodically in anesthetized animals by sensory stimulation as well as during face cleaning in awake animals.

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  • General Medicine


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