Structure of magnetic fields on the quiet sun

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To obtain quantitative temporal and spatial information on the network magnetic fields, we applied auto- and cross-correlation techniques to the Big Bear videomagnetogram (VMG) data. The average size of the network magnetic elements derived from the auto-correlation curve is about 5700 km. The distance between the primary and secondary peak in the auto-correlation curve is about 17000 km, which is half of the size of the supergranule as determined from the velocity map. The correlation time is about 10 to 20 hours. The diffusion constant derived from the cross-correlation curve is 150 km2 s-1. We also found that in the quiet regions the total magnetic flux in a window 3′ × 4′ changes very little in nearly 10 hours. That means the emergence and the disappearance of magnetic flux are in balance. The cancelling features and the emergence of ephemeral regions are the major sources for the loss and replenishment of magnetic flux on the quiet Sun.

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JournalSolar Physics
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StatePublished - Mar 1988

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