Synthesis of polyurethanes and polyimides for photorefractive applications

K. D. Belfield, O. Najjar, S. R. Sriram

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Well-defined multifunctional polymers, bearing charge transporting (CT) and nonlinear optical (NLO) functionality covalently attached to each repeat unit, were synthesized and characterized. High glass transition temperature (T(g)) polyurethanes, comprised of alternating CT and NLO units, were synthesized from NLO functionalized diols and N,N-bis(4-isocyanatophenyl) aniline. Polyimides, exhibiting high thermal stabilities, were obtained from a fluorinated dianhydride and a multifunctional (CT and NLO) diamine. The functionalized polyimides were obtained in two ways: by formation of a brominated polyimide derivative and subsequent Heck coupling with styrene derivatives; and direct polycondensation of a fully functionalized triarylamine diamine analog with 4,4' -(hexafluoroisopropylidene)diphtalic anhydride (6-FDA). Phosphonate ester and nitro electron-withdrawing groups were utilized in the NLO moieties. (C) 2000 Published by Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)5011-5020
Number of pages10
Issue number13
StatePublished - Jun 2000
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  • Organic Chemistry
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  • Photorefractive
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